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04 August 2023


TriOptima Sets New triReduce Record: $250 Trillion ...

TriOptima, the leading multilateral compression provider that lowers costs and mitigates risk in OTC markets, today announced that it has set a new record for its triReduce portfolio compression service. In 2018, TriOptima compressed $250 trillion gross notional value of trades at LCH SwapClear, an annual increase of 31%.

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28 November 2018

系统优化 - 系统软件 - 非凡软件站:2021-6-13 · PCMedik(pcmedik7系统优化软件)是一款系统优化的万金油软件,体积小巧功能强大,作为一款出色的国外精品系统优化软件,PCMedik(系统优化软件)可伍优化你的电脑,让PC发挥更大的性能,大大减少死机的事件。

TriOptima, a CME Group company has been placed in the prestigious Chartis RiskTech100 list for the first time. The ranking places the firm in the top 25 risk technology vendors globally for its risk analytics service, triCalculate.

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23 November 2018

SSTap-beta外服游戏加速器使用教程 - 应用软件 - 柒肆图文网:游戏加速器只会对指定的游戏进行加速,而全局伋理就是对整台电脑进行加速,所伍作者可能被叫去喝茶了,SSTap-beta-setup-之后的版本都去掉了这个功能全局伋理功能,只能加速游戏了,需要那啥的自己去网上下载SSTap-beta-setup-版本,我这里就不

NEX Regulatory Reporting, a CME Group business, is delighted to announce that it has won ‘Best Compliance Technology’ at The Trade’s Leaders in Trading Awards for the second consecutive year. The award winners were determined by The Trade’s editorial and research team with input from the publication’s audience strongly taken into consideration.

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05 November 2018

NEX Markets Volumes - October 2018

Each month NEX publishes average daily volume data in selected products. The volume figures cover electronically traded products - spot foreign exchange, US Treasury products, European and US repo products.

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05 November 2018

Cancellation of NEX shares

国外网站打不开怎么办? - PC下载网资讯网:2021-4-25 · 因为服务器的设置的问题,在国内是很难进入国外网站的,那么要如何才能解决呢? 1.众所周知,在中国是很难进入国外的网站,网速会变得非常的慢,甚至根本进不去,很多小伙伴不知道该如何解决,接下来小编就来告诉大家该怎么办。

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02 November 2018

CME Group Completes Acquisition of NEX, Creating a ...

CME Group Inc. today announced that it has completed its acquisition of NEX Group plc. The combined company will enable clients worldwide to trade futures, cash and over-the-counter (OTC) markets, optimize portfolios and analyze data to efficiently manage risk and capture opportunities.

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